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Relaxed Trumpeteer




“I would hope that if someone only got into music because of bands who were influenced by us, that they would do what I did when I was younger, which is kind of work backwards—look at the bands they were influenced by, and then just keep going back and back … basically go back until you’re listening to the Beatles, and then realize that they were influenced by Little Richard, and then all of a sudden you’re listening to nothing but Django Reinhardt.”

— Matthew Pryor from The Get Up Kids in an interview with PopMatters



Myna: Online Multitrack Software

I’m starting to think that in the future, we may never need to install anything.  All programs will simply be available online.  From anywhere.

Behold Myna (http://aviary.com/tools/myna#), an online, multitrack audio recording program.  It seems like a pretty decent little tool, and the ridiculous dance song that loads as the demo is a lot of fun.   Now I don’t think the future of production lies in flash-based tools, but its an interesting step toward “cloud computing” nonetheless.

Mix Nashville 2009

Mix Magazine’s 2 day event

 @Soundstage – Nashville, TN


I’ll be around, so if you’re there, hit me up.



Like a rose in a sidewalk crack…

Behold an unusually in-depth article on Wikipedia:

Loudspeakers:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudspeaker

We’re starting to get it…

I am referring to ideas about a new music business model…

I give you: Trent Reznor on Digg.com